from by Chaye Tione

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I aint tryin to play the victim but listen I cant be trippin off whats continually missing from your thought box ima keep this lock jaw didn’t see punch in a clock so slow your roll boss soupin up rhymes cause spirits all stock to make the false stop yo why they spittin gainin at the expense of the children yo who they kiddin applauding at the thought of some change but keep on sittin stickin to that lack of hope kids’ll tote and smoke. A shallow attempt to grasp a life of meaning yo its shallow cause they fear the unknow aint even breathin words like fear I hope they outgrow and keep on dreaming don’t ease up keep that hate down peace up real before convenience coming out your speakers is what my spirit needed add a different pattern to the frequency you’re feeling healing villains are overrated cages is populated grace is loving a racist. Developed my genius cause some ‘ll sit around and waste it patience tried and tested image is a collective I cultivate and strategize and aim to be respected leaning towards the brighter side im sure to seep my blessings even when youre down and out be sure to shape you heaven limit what is fear and doubt and recognize the present got a royal state of mind and some ‘ll treat me like a peasant but

Dog I aint even trippin off them
Man I aint even trippin off them
Look I aint even trippin off them
I aint even trippin off them
Yo I aint even trippin off them

I gotta focus on my brakthroughs getting what im dreamin speak of act on see me on the rise bet you wonder what I be on makin me takin these steps to improvement don’t like my two cents so I drop gems on a skinny beat following a passion now the ends chasin me so I put em where I need em like associates treating my silence like the gold it is pushing to develop while some meddle in the business of another yo id rather shine than diminish under covers perpetuating lies like a register if im black does it matter what the kettle does start pointing fingers and im running out for there’s three pointing back to keep it relative like a start to the finish or lord to the sinner the raw to beginners you’re peering inside to the mind of a winner my bid is something like a lyrical savior polished this sermon so you see what the brain do I aint trying to take away from God or Jesus keep them hands high cause I’m here to reflect you but I aint finish couple more bars for them critics cause without art theyd just be feelings sympin creation without creating man but when they ask about the mainstream

Dog I aint even trippin off them
Look I aint even trippin off them
Nah I aint trippin off them
Look I aint even trippin off them
I aint even trippin off them


from Life, released July 28, 2015
Produced by Skinny



all rights reserved


Chaye Tione Santa Barbara, California

Chaye Tione is a poet-MC residing in one of the lesser known cities of California. He brings pure expression to the naturally combative form of rap. A rapper who brings you into a discussion and thought process amid his own life experiences. And as life goes, Chaye unravels words, jokes and metaphors with the precision perfected with his poetry background. ... more

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